Kevin @Berrey | Sunny @sunnya97


-top priority for the next couple months is order books / concentrated liquidity

-after that, threshold encryption

-Osmosis DevTools Beaker and Telescope on full display at Hackatom, Buidl Asia, and Korea Blockchain week

-bridge integrations and fiat onramp integrations coming along well (Transak also being added, in addition to Kado) - should be available in 1-2 months

-first CosmWasm contracts going live on chain (Apollo multisig)

-ION DAO contracts likely to go on chain after they’re updated and voted on again

-likely doing a Maker-style over-collateralized stablecoin: IOU

-Rektdrop in final testing stages; coming very soon

It’s 2am for Sunny in South Korea.

-lots of Cosmos folks in Korea for the hackatom, Buidl Asia, and Korea Blockchain week

-there are a lot of ecosystem teams in Korea

—Dev Tools: Beaker and Telescope — in full effect at these events, putting it in front of lots of new devs

-Beaker is for CosmWasm, dapps on top of Osmosis

-Telescope: for Javascript development in the SDK stack (has previously not been very easy)

-we found a lot of the pain points in the last couple weeks, and we’ve been fixing them

Osmosis Updates

-v11 update occurred since the last UftL

-this fixed 2 types of spam:

  1. spamming external gauges to make epoch time longer (v11 added a fee)

  2. fixed ability to put phishing links into “in deposit” proposals — now proposers have to pay 25% of the deposit fee to get it on chain at all

-front-end: changed “slippage” label on the trading widget to “price impact” to accurately reflect that price impact is how much your trade changes the price [we were mistakenly calling this slippage]

vs. actual slippage, which is how much trades that get in before yours change the price (you will still be able to set your slippage tolerance)

-native bridge integration coming along well:

e.g. getting more info about the status of your bridging

-we’re spoiled with IBC going so fast, but Ethereum can take several minutes, and it can be nerve-wracking

-analogy: FedEx tracker is much more on point than UPS’

-we want bridging to be as pleasant an experience as possible

-bridging will still be through the assets page

-maybe adding a general deposit button (so that you don’t have to search down the page)

-similar to the IBC deposits now

-fiat onramps with Kado, Transak will also be more tightly integrated here

-you’ll be able to deposit from IBC, your bank account, or another ecosystem, and it will all look similar

-we’ve talked a lot about Kado, but we’re also working with Transak

-Kado more about bank accounts — Transak has credit cards and Apple Pay

-Kado expecting to be ready by Cosmoverse, and Transak also thinks they’ll have something ready in the next month or so

Question: Gritz — could the site save your 5 previous deposits so that you don’t have to search down the page?

Sunny: right now it’s by assets you already have, but we can look at sorting it differently if that will be faster

Kevin: native USDC update? Moonpay?

Sunny: nothing recent on Moonpay

-we’ve been working with Circle to make sure they have a good rollout for all of IBC

-maybe a USDC asset-issuance chain, connected by IBC

-stay tuned, probably more concrete plans rolling out at Cosmoverse

North Korean hackers? Lazarus group?

-NK gov trying to hire devs to build backdoors in apps?

-it is surprising how crypto savvy the NK gov is, maybe the most of any govt in the world

-not great